Thursday, July 29, 2010

Steve and the kids have found a cute Soda Shoppe in Pittsboro and took me to experience the ultimate Banana Split. We got to choose three different kinds of ice cream - bubble gum, strawberry, and orange. The banana split is topped with lots of whipped cream, cherry, pineapple, nuts, and caramel syrup. It was huge and very yummy!!

Wrightsville Beach

Sarah and I got to spend a wonderful summer day in Wrightsville Beach with some of my good friends from Cheyenne, Wyoming. The water was warm and the wind was blowing, it was the perfect day. Sarah loved the sand and water, she played for hours and would have kept playing if we had stayed longer.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cheyenne, Wyoming

For approximately eight months of this past year, I spent my time in Cheyenne, Wyoming working for Laramie County School District #1 as a School Psychologist Intern. This was my final requirement to graduate from Brigham Young University with a Master's Degree in School Psychology. While in Cheyenne, I learned alot from my schools, made great friends from church, and had several visitors from various parts of North American - Utah, Colorado, Tennessee, British Columbia, and Illinois. Here are just a few pictures to represent my time spent in WY:
BYU beat WY on a beautiful November day
A wonderful dinner with wonderful ladies
There are cowboy boots throughout the city of Cheyenne, this one is in front of the train depot
Ron and Wanda Steffey visited from British Columbia on the way through to their son's home
A Wyoming Sunset
A great day of target shooting
A few of my friends: Anneli, Vonna, and Becca


While living in Wyoming from August 2009-April 2010, I had the opportunity to get to know my Great Aunt Janie and three of my cousins - Mike, David, and Gary. They took me on several grand adventures and taught me how to shoot a gun. I never knew shooting a gun could be so much fun, target shooting is my favorite. As a surprise at Christmas time, Mike, David, and Gary bought me a 20 gauge shotgun. I am ever grateful to them for my new found hobby! =)
Mike, Gary, Me, and David after my first lesson

Do you see the shell ejecting from the gun?

Vonna and Me aftering shooting with President Asay and Chris

I went huting once while in Wyoming. We went pheasant hunting and got one pheasant after three hours of hard work!

Shooting a musket - I loaded it myself and everything

Target shooting with a 12 gauge shotgun


Starting the second week in May I began helping my brother-in-law, Steve, with my two nieces and nephew. My sister, Catie, passed away in Feb. of this year after a courageous three year battle with bone cancer. Her three beautiful children are David (6), Mary (5), and Sarah (2). Steve has given me the opportunity of being an every day part of their life for awhile. I finished up my internship in Cheyenne, WY and moved immediately to Apex, NC to be near them while helping. Here are a few pictures:
Catie and Me - Feb. 2010
Sarah, David, Mary in front of the library
David, Sarah, and Mary at the park
David and Mary with David's artwork at local bank


My niece, Mary, turned 5 years old in June and I let her pick out a cake she wanted to have for her exciting celebration. We first had a party at home with just her brother and sister and she wanted a butterfly. She also had a party with her friends and we made a poodle for that party. Although, if you notice, the poodle is tailless, just not enough room on the platter. I am rather proud, though, on how they both turned out. I could not have done it without the help of my nieces and nephew.