Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve

For New Year's Eve this year, I attended a Black Tie Event in Raleigh. This was our group and if I do say so myself, we look smashing!!

Right at midnight, we toasted to an exciting 2011! This is the first time I have danced my way into a new year! I liked it!

Here we are dancing the night away. I wanted to get some video of me doing the Waltz but instead here is a picture of us doing a group line dance.


I had a very quiet, pleasant Christmas in Tennessee this year. At home, it was just my parents and little brother and sister (Christopher and Elizabeth). We watched several movies, played lots of games, and enjoyed being together. We had a white Christmas which has not happened for several years. Christmas Eve we had the missionaries over for dinner. After they left, Daddy read the Christmas story from the Bible and then we played Christmas songs on every musical instrument we own. (Violin, piano, dulcimer, guitar, bells, harmonica, recorder). It was lots of fun!!
The view from our front door!
Our Christmas Tree
Christmas decorations
Christmas Eve Dinner