Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Few More

  Here are a few more pictures that did not download the first time around.  While I was home for Thanksgiving, I got to visit with two of my good friends from high school, Julie and Mary Kate, and their families.  They both of cute children and I was excited to get to play and hold them.
 Each year my siblings and I draw names so that we each get one sibling a gift for Christmas, this past year, Jamie had my name and his family spoiled me with the gifts that they got me.  He bought me a new pair of boots to help me push forward with my hiking of the Appalachian Trail!!!
 Over the Christmas holiday, Anotina had her 8th birthday and was baptized in Tennessee while they were here for Christmas.  We all got to be a part of her special day and we went out for lunch together as a family afterwards to celebrate her special day!!

2 Months In - 14 To Go!

It is hard to believe that two months have already come and gone since I started nursing school.  Spring Break has started for the next week and it will be nice to have a few extra minutes to breathe.  These past two months have been busy with lots of learning going on.  I have been learning so much that will help me be the best nurse possible - I even gave my first real shot a couple weeks ago to another student in my class.  In two more short months, we will be starting our clinicals in the hospital, helping other nurses take care of real patients.

Here are a few pictures to update on my comings and goings since the end of 2013! Enjoy!

 Steve and David came to visit NC and Mama and Daddy happened to be in town so we got to have David for the evening!!
 Elizabeth prepared all Fall season for her upcoming mission.  She was able to attend the Raleigh LDS Temple to receive her Endowments! It was a great day for us to all be together.  She has already been on her mission for two months!
 I was able to go home for Thanksgiving and we had the missionaries over for our Feast.
 My church congregation does a Christmas Program every year and I was able to play the dulcimer with several other friends, Uncle Bob, Lisa, and Ava came along with Mama and Elizabeth!
 This year I had the opportunity to see the Creche display in Apex, NC. There were hundreds of Nativity scenes set up for viewing along with different musical performances throughout the evening.  It was a beautiful event with many beautiful scenes from all over the world.  Here are two of my favorites - this one was from New Zealand...
 Travis, Collin, James, and Camilla came with me!!
 Every year our family goes Christmas Caroling to different families we know in our community.  My parents went for the first time when my oldest brother Jamie was a baby - 35 years ago.  This year we got to visit Anthony DeeDee Booher.  They are both great and work with my Dad at the Bill Gatton Honda store.  It was a very special visit and we loved being in their home.
 Here is the gang that got to come home for Christmas this past year!!
 One of our outings consisted of a visit to Grayson Highlands to see the wild ponies.  It was pretty chilly but the sun was out shining brightly and the ponies made a great showing!
 Before Elizabeth left on her mission, she had a chance to give a talk at church and we were all still home for the Christmas holiday.  Both of my dad's two brothers and their families were also able to come for the talk and visit afterwards together.  It was lots of fun getting to all visit together!
 Just 6 weeks after Elizabeth left for her mission, Christopher arrived home from his.  As you can see, he is sooo happy to be home. It is hard to believe that two years have already come and gone.  we are excited to have him home and see what's next for him in life!!
 Classic airport picture after he got home!!!