Monday, August 3, 2015

A Year of Updates!

 Well, I must say A LOT has happened since the last time I posted on the blog so I apologize for the plethora of pictures but I just figured I would give you a small sampling of all that has happened over the past year.  The picture post above is from on of the UNC football games I was able to attend this past Fall (2014) Season!
 My Dad turned 60 this past Nov. 2014 so we all came in for the weekend to celebrate, it was a surprise for him!!
 Here we are celebrating an amazing Thanksgiving Holiday (my favorite holiday)!
 This past year for Christmas it was just Christopher and I in town so that means this year for Christmas everyone will be coming which will be wonderful!
 Before leaving UNC, which I knew would probably be approaching this summer I wanted to see some of the sites that I had not seen yet and this was one of them! I love NC!
 Even though nurses do not wear white coats when working, we did have a white coat ceremony to represent our dedication to the profession and for the excellent care we want to provide our patients.
 This actually happened in Oct. 2014 (so a little out of sequence) but we all ran in a half marathon together in Cherokee, NC! It was great fun!
My Uncle Bill came in first place for his age group, everyone did a fabulous job!!
I had the opportunity to interview at Chandler Hospital in Lexington Kentucky and I have accepted a job working in their ED as a brand new graduate RN. I started June 29, 2015 and all is going well! I am very busy and there is SO much to learn, it is going great!
 I was able to make a DC trip with some friends before heading out of NC, we had a great time and I was able to see my cousin and his family while we were there too!
 We, of course, made our annual Creeper Trail bike trip and had a great turn out. It sounds like everyone wants to keep up the tradition even though I have moved away, we will try to make it happen!

The kids were able to come visit for a week again this summer and we had a terrific time! We went camping, caving, family decoration, hiking to a waterfall, played lots of games, and enjoyed GrandMama's great cooking!

 It's official, I did really graduate from nursing school and I passed my boards (on the first attempt - always a relief!)
Before leaving NC, Daniel came down from Virgina and went with me to Cape Lookout which is part of the outerbanks! We had such a great trip, the weather was perfect and the water felt great!! I was able to get a stamp in my National Park Passport Book!

Before I started working, I had to squeeze in a backpack trip because who knows when my next chance will be, so we got together a great group as evidenced below and put in 30 miles in three days! It could not have been a better trip! The AT never fails me!
Elizabeth came home from her mission this summer and we are so glad to have her back on American soil! We will be sad to send her back to BYU in a few weeks but have enjoyed having her while we could!!
  This summer we had a Dunn Family Reunion, I was only able to go for 2 days due to work commitments but as part of the trip we had a tour of Neyland Stadium and it was pretty awesome!