Monday, August 5, 2013

Adventures in Utah!

While in Utah, I got to see some of my favorite people and visit some of the beautiful parks the west has to offer.  Here is a brief picture display of my comings and goings while I was out west:
Matthias, Antonia, and Miriam
 Aunt Irma, Jed, Penelope, Rebecca, and Derek
 Jen Berger's Wedding Reception - graduate school friends
 Elizabeth and Jamie
 Lacee and I on a hike near Salt Lake City
 Cindy - my trainer from the mission!!
 Kari and Maria - some of my Springville friends 
 Bryce Canyon National Park - Elizabeth and Sammy
 More graduate school friend get together!
 Becca from Wyoming!
 Lisa and her adorable kids - we were next door neighbors in Courtside
 Trail run in Park City with Eryn!
 Annie and the kids in their new house!
 Natural Bridges National Monument

 Mesa Verde National Park
 Black Canyon of the Gunnison in Colorado
 Mary's Baptism - so glad we could be there for that special occasion!
 Wasatch Back Ragnar Race 2013

Trip West!

If you have been following my blog over the past few months, you know by now that I have been planning on making a career change.  This change continues to become more real as the time quickly races on.  This summer I spent Spring Term at BYU taking Microbiology and Physiology so that I could apply to the accelerated nursing program at UNC this fall.  I actually completed the application this morning but will not find out the results until the end of October, crazy.  My wonderful mother drove across the country with me in order to spend May and June at BYU!! We had a great trip and got to make a couple stops along the way.  I have driven past the St. Louis Arch many, many times and finally got to stop and venture up into it.  We also stopped in Cheyenne, WY where I got to see many of my wonderful friends and a few family members.  Keely, Austin, and Emily even made the drive up from Ft. Collins to have dinner with me, it was so great to see them.  I am so blessed with a great family and wonderful friends!

 We were able to visit the Kansas City Temple on our drive through!
 I just love these people! Emily, me, Keely, Asher, Leif, and Austin