Saturday, January 4, 2014

University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill!

Well, it is official! I will once again be a student, but this time it will be at UNC! I begin their accelerated nursing program on Tuesday and will finish May 2015! I am very excited for this new opportunity and adventure.  I am very blessed to have parents who support me in my endless quest for a career that I feel will be a positive fit for my personality and desires.  Working at the hospital this past year, has been a great learning experience and I believe has helped me decide that nursing is what I would like to pursue! 

Final Trip of 2013!!

During the 2nd weekend of November, I went on my final backpacking trip of 2013 and we hiked 40 more AT miles to put me at 200 AT miles over the past 2 years!! I am on track to hike the entire trail over the next 20 years of my life!! =) It was another wonderful trip. The day time weather could not have been more perfect, the night time was a little on the chilly side!! =) As always, I savored the opportunity to be out in the beautiful world that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ created for us. 
This tree is apparently the largest tree on the entire AT!! It and I deserved a grand hug!
Jaclyn, Brenna (a friend of Jaclyn's from DC), Jake, and Daniel (not pictured) joined me on this adventure!!

Hard At Work!

Back in October, my mom and Elizabeth came to visit for a few days and while they were visiting we put ourselves to work and finally hung my window after it sat on my floor for forever! My mom was more excited about this than anything else we did those few days.  We borrowed a drill from a man in my apartment building and decided our project was a success!! Thanks Mama for your help and inspiration!
During their visit, we made a trip to the North Carolina State Fair and had a great time.  The pumpkin in the background won the prize for being the largest, it was huge!!  We had a great time, seeing the beautiful produce, eating delicious food, seeing the many different farm animals, and viewing all the different exhibits!