Friday, June 10, 2011

Memorial Day

A friend of Steve's took us out on his boat on Memorial Day for a nice swim in Jordan Lake and a few tries at wakeboarding and water skiing. It was a warm day, perfect for getting wet. Everyone had a great time and I survived a few rounds of wakeboarding. I was pretty sore for the next couple of days. Don't watch the last few second of the video because you will see me take a nice fall! =)

Creeper Trail Adventure

Over Memorial Day weekend, I brought a bunch of my friends from North Carolina to experience the hills of VA/TN. We enjoyed a beautiful, sunny Saturday on the Creeper Trail. We rode from White Top Mountain down to Damascus. Everyone appeared to have a great time and it could not have been a more perfect day!! We also went to the Carter Family Fold but I have no pictures to document. Lots of dancing occurred!!

Three Forks Decoration

Every fourth Sunday in May, my mom's side of the family has a decoration at the family cemetary. This year I was able to go and I brought Sarah with me. We get to the cemetary early and put flowers on the graves and visit with family. Afterwards, we go down to my cousin, Anne's house and have lunch. As a child, we always got to ride horses during the cookout. There is a cave across the street that is always exciting for the kids to explore.

This is my Aunt Lois, she is my grandmother's sister. The only sibling still living.

Here is Mama and Sarah next to Nana and my grandfather's grave.
The gentleman is 100 years old. We are related somehow!! =) I have an Uncle Shorty still living that is 104 but he was not at the decoration this year!

Christopher's Graduation

My little brother, Christopher, graduated from high school this year. He is going to attend Brigham Young University - following in his older siblings footsteps. We are very proud of him and excited for his future adventures. Love you Christopher!!