Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Major Hiatus

HEY HEY HEY!! Well, I have been away for several months and have provided no updates to my adventurous life since my trip to Washington D.C. back in September.  I have so much to report on but this is just going to be a teaser as I do not have time to provide real and adequate information and pictures!! These are the events you have to look forward to reading about:

D.C. Ragnar - Camping with the kids - Summiting Mt. Mitchell - NC State Fair - AT endeavor - Biking the Creeper Trail in the snow - Halloween - Thanksgiving - Elizabeth's Madrigal Dinner - Matthias' National Race - NC Zoo - Christmas in TN - D.C. Trip (again) - Biking the American Tobacco Trail in Durham - Christopher's Mission Preparations

Wow, that took all my energy just to write that list! It has been a busy few months and the next few are going to be the same, but it is great.  I always seems to get more done when I am busy and have lots going on! For those who read, I hope you are all doing wonderful and I look forward to adding pictures of all of my adventures.  Even with all these fun things I have been able to do, taking care of David, Mary, and Sarah continues to be the most adventurous.  Bye for now!!