Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ballroom Dancing

A couple months ago, I attended a dance competition with a friend and got to see several impressive dances by professional ballroom dancers. It was an enjoyable night with lots of pretty dresses and smooth moves on the dance floor.

Relay For Life

This video was taken during the luminary walk from the Relay for Life. It was a touching experience as everyone walked together, watched the video of names being honored and remembered, and listening to Amazing Grace.

Relay For Life

This past weekend, Steve, the kids, Andrew, Marianne, and myself participated in the Relay for Life to help raise money for the American Cancer Society. The event began at 6pm Friday afternoon and continued through the night till 2pm Saturday afternoon. Each team has a participant walking the entire time. The beginning ceremonies included a Survivors Lap which included individuals who have had and survived any form of cancer. My sister-in-law, Marianne, participated in this lap. She was diagnosed in 2001 and is doing wonderfully today. It was an emotionally few minutes thinking of how blessed we are to have Marianne and wishing so dearly that Catie could have participated with her. Throughout the event, different types of fundraisers were going on and lots of activities were organized for the kids to enjoy.
Mary, David, and Sarah walked several laps themselves. Here is our half of the team. We also had two other families participating with us.
One event which was organized was a slide show of names that were being honored or remember. Luminaries were put together for each individual and set out around the track and this slide show captured each person's name. I did not get a picture of Catie's name but wanted to show what it looked like.
Andrew and I are holding Catie's luminary.
The event turned out to be a tiring yet uplifting and special experience. I look forward to participating again next year and making it possible for more valuable research to occur and allow help to be provided to those many individuals that are facing cancer in their lives.


Here in the great state of North Carolina, Spring is in full swing. Flowers are blooming, tree leaves are appearing, grass is greener than ever, and I have been loving every minute of the warm weather. Next to Steve's house, is a row of bushes that have bloomed over night with these beautiful pink flowers. Sarah and I took a minute to enjoy them this week and take in the Springtime.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


After our adventures at Disney World, the kids and I got to spend a week at my parent's house in TN and it was great fun. Mama arranged for us to spend two days and one night at a cabin at Roan Mountain State Park and it was great fun. We played lots of games, at yummy food, and were surprised by Daddy, Christopher, and Elizabeth. They got to spend a couple hours with us the first night. Our cabin door handle got stuck so Mary got to climb into the window and unlock it from the inside. She was rather excited for the adventure of being put through the window by Uncle Christopher.

The kids got to roast marshmellows over the fire in our wood burning stove

Playing games around the table with everyone Outside the cabin on the porch
Grandmama made us a milkshake every day!!!
As always, it was great to go home and be with the family. We enjoyed watching the NCAA basketball tour., seeing Christopher and Elizabeth run, play games with Grandmama and Grandpapa, and play with Elizabeth outside for hours. Can't wait to the next visit!

Disney World

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go with Steve and the kids to Disney World and spend 4 enjoyable days racing to and from the best rides Disney has to offer. We visited all four parks - Magical Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot. The kids loved every minute as did I.

Pop Century - the swimming pool was shaped like a bowling pin

Prince Charming - I will meet mine one day!!

3D Movie - Mickey Mouse put on quite the show

We got to summit Mt. Everest while here

We all had to spend a little time behind bars but made our escape by squeezing through

I had a chance to visit the Orlanda Temple while we were in Orlando
By the end of the week, Sarah was pretty tuckered out

Mary couldn't get this smile off her face the whole week (Sarah and David had the same smile)

The classic picture with Cinderella Castle

The longer we were at Disney World the better the kids slept at night

Mary and Sarah enjoying their treat from Disney World as we headed back to NC. It was a wonderful trip with lots of adventures and excitement!