Wednesday, April 3, 2013

AT 2013

We have been at it again!! Another great backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail! I was unable to be a part of the entire trip due to work but joined Paul and Scott on their final two days. We had great weather and beautiful scenery! Camilla and Daniel also joined in on the fun the same time as me! This guys are always a great group to hike with.  Paul even wrote a song about one of the mountains we hiked up and over!  I love the outdoors and look forward to the many more backpacking trips we are able to go on!!

Our first night started about 7:30 pm with a three mile hike in to meet up with Paul and Scott, my parents were kind of enough to shuttle us between our ending point and our starting point! I just love them so much!
 A few different sections had some snow still left, it was beautiful hiking into the trees, snow on the ground, sunshine coming through, and green moss growing on the rocks and tree trunks!
 Got to have our jumping pictures!
 Our second night sleeping set up!
 One of the many AT signs you see along the ways!
 This spot was on top of a bald and was called Beauty Spot - it really was beautiful, pictures never do it justice!
 We have some ups!!
 Two story shelter! =)
 As we crossed this railroad, we were within minutes of finishing the trip! It was so wonderful!

Durham Regional Hospital

Over the past 10 years, my life has taken some twists and turns I never anticipated.  One of those major twists and turns has been choosing a career in which I would use to support myself.  I am immensely grateful for the education I have received up to this point in my life but I still feel like I have not quite yet found a fit for my personality and desires when it comes to a career choice.  Since I am no longer helping my brother-in-law take care of my nieces and nephew, I have had the opportunity to investigate a possible new career for myself.  With this opportunity has come, some frustrations and questions but I am glad to take the time now to see if a new career path is right for me.  As an undergraduate, I always considered pursing nursing but was intimidated by the science classes needed to go in that direction and never really gave the option a lot of thought, but now I am taking the time to see if I might want to become a nurse.  As part of my investigation, I received my nursing assistant certificate and acquired a job at the Durham Regional Hospital as a nursing assistant in the Emergency Department and have really enjoyed my time so far and have learned a ton!  Along with working in the hospital, I am taking the two classes I lack in order to apply for nursing school if that is the direction I decide to go! It is all rather exciting and at the same time a little nerve racking. I always had the mind set that I would work if I needed to in order to sustain my family needs but my mind set has changed as I continue to mature and realize that I need a career that I enjoy and would be able to support myself for the rest of my life if need be!  Everything is always an adventure in my neck of the woods!!

Eno River State Park

A few weeks ago, a few girlfriends of mine and myself went camping at a state park that is close to us. It turned out to be a wonderful night of camping.  We had the whole campsite area to ourselves and plenty of wood to burn for as long as we wanted! It was a mile and half hike into the campsite and was a perfect night! We enjoyed our time around the campfire and relaxed for most of the morning before heading out on a short hike.  It was a wonderful way to celebrate the coming of Spring!
I love sitting by the campfire SO much!
Breakfast time!
 Emily and I about to head back out, we stayed at Fanny's Ford Campsites!
 Cool shadow picture!
 We had to cross a swinging bridge to get to the campground!
 Caroline, Katie, Rachelle, and Emily (Diana had already left)
 It is not a true adventure without a jumping picture!
 Saturday afternoon, we helped participate in a trail restoration project at the park - several other individuals from my church congregation joined us in the efforts!
 Watch out, we mean business! =)