Monday, November 15, 2010


Ragnar came to TN!! A year and half ago our family ran in the Wasatch Back in Utah from Logan, UT to Park City, UT. This year we decided to run the race Ragnar put together in TN from Chattanooga to Nashville - 195 miles of complete bliss. We started at 7:30 am and finished 30 and half hours later. Our team included: Jeff Bauserman, Steve Stubben, Martha Oyston (our driver) ,Bill Oyston, Trace Bratton, Trish Dunn, Christopher Dunn, Jamie Dunn, Danny Dunn, Jackie Dunn, Elizabeth Dunn, Caroline Dunn, Tracy Paul. My three legs added up to approximately 16.5 miles. I survived my first two legs, the third leg was a bit more difficult. Everyone had a great time even with the rain, snow, and sleet that three of our runners got to run through. Also, our night runners got to run in 23F weather. The fall colors were beautiful and we got to see lots of great Tennessee back hills.
Team C.A.T.I.E.

Mama getting ready for her middle of the night run We were getting a little bit of night sleep at 3 am in an elementary school cafeteria
Hanging out in the van while Elizabeth ran her last leg, still smiling after 28 hours of running
Trace handing off to me for my last run - 6.3 miles Team C.A.T.I.E. at the finish line - yea The Dunn's celebrating our wonderful accomplishment (Mama brought us home strong at the end she was our last runner)

North Carolina State Fair

The North Carolina State Fair was in Oct. for 10 days and it was great! I had the opportunity of going twice. Sarah and I went and checked out the sights and sounds to prepare for a visit from Grandmama and Grandpapa and a second trip to the state fair. We got to see and pet lots of animals, watch cloggers dance, eat some yummy fair food, and ride two rides, compliments of Grandmama and Grandpapa. We also got to see a picture of David's that was entered by his art teacher in the fair and won a gold medal. It was tons of fun and we are already excited for the fair to come back next year.

David's picture is to my right - a dog!
Sarah is sitting in front of a 600 lb. pumpkin
We did not try this - but it is a krispy kreme hamburger
The garden exhibits were very creative
Sarah, David, and Mary on the ferris wheel with Grandpapa - Grandmama and I kept our feet soundly on the ground
Mary and I about to enjoy our ride
David and Grandmama getting ready to enjoy their ride
Everyone excited to see David's artwork - we are so proud of him, Mary, and Sarah - they are great kids!

Linville Falls

HEY HEY HEY!!! So, about a month ago I went camping with some people from church near Boone, NC. It was beautiful. We got to drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway and hike through the beautiful fall colors. The night time got pretty chilly, low 30's, but it was still wonderful to be in the great outdoors!